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Hosting & Co-location

Integrate your system into one of our our ground stations
viasat antenna

Turnkey Hosting & Operations Services

The perfect solution for companies who are scaling up their business and must have full control of their systems and operational expenses. At one point ground station services are becoming too complex and the operational costs and coordination are shrinking the commercial viability. A reliable backbone is required at a fixed monthly rate being available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We help international customers to establish and integrate their systems into one of our Ground Station Facilities and guarantee to find a tailored solution meeting your operational and commercial requirements. Our team has extensive experience in establishment of antenna systems including required civil works, antenna installation and maintenance activities. We also take care of the RF Spectrum License and and turn this typically complex business into a customer tailored turn key solution.

Ground Station Sweden - Story

Our high latitude Swedish Ground Station provides next-gen ground segment services with an unmatchable operational reliability, commercial viability, and scalability.

Due to the unique location (65.34 N, 21.39 E) the ground station facility can be seen by polar orbiting satellites between the Mediterranean Sea up to the North Pole. This allows the satellite to perform mission activities such as remote sensing, IoT and communications within this area in Real Time. This means that satellite operators and end-customers can process and acquire data in real-time over entire Europe without having to wait for a higher latitude ground station pass.

Our Swedish Ground Station has also direct connection to a major data center operator where massive amounts of data can be stored, processed, and distributed with 10 Gbps or more enabling hyperscale data hub services.

Ground Station Sweden - Facts

• Up to nine passes a day for polar orbiting low-earth-orbit satellites.
• Up to 15° elevation for telecommunication satellites (GEO) between 40,0° and 3,0° East
• Sustainable industry rated commercial power including backup generators and UPS systems.
• Fiber and connectivity solutions starting from a simple 1,0 Gbps internet connection up to dark fiber and wavelength systems.
• Clean Horizon mask down to 5 degrees 360 degrees around.
• Razor wire fencing, AI based camera system and regular security roaming services.
• Clean radio frequency environment and approved spectrum license from federal authorities.
• Calm and mild weather due to closeness of the coastal region.
• Technical staff can be on-site within one-hour 24/7 365 days a year for emergency maintenance and troubleshooting requests.
• National airport, international logistic centers and hotels in vicinity enable quick restocking of spares and short international arrival times.