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Arctic Space reports to extend its portfolio of services by means of senior management support to Bradford ECAPS in Solna, Sweden. Fredrik Schäder, Co-Founder of Arctic Space, will deliver on-site management support to Bradford ECAPS during the spring of 2022, as an extension of his ad interim site management involvement during the Covid-19 pandemic. Purpose is to assist ECAPS in the company's exciting development to become the world’s number one green propulsion systems and thruster provider.

Arctic Space Technologies signs contract with Bradford ECAPS on delivering Senior Management Consulting Services

“We are excited with the opportunity to assist Bradford ECAPS in their development of the company”, says Fredrik Schäder. “Bradford ECAPS have lots of activities ongoing that will make the company increasingly more competitive and for Arctic Space to assist with senior management consultancy services is an honor. It's a great match for the two companies, highly profiled as the innovative and sustainable option on a market that consists of less effective and costly alternatives”, Schäder continues.

“Bradford ECAPS is pleased to have signed this agreement with Arctic Space and to have Fredrik assisting us to finalize ongoing activities and transfer those to the new Site Director, Robert de Try, who joined the company on March 21st, 2022. This agreement serves as the basis for a potentially broader collaboration with Arctic Space”, says Patrick van Put, Managing Director of Bradford Space Europe.

Arctic Space Technologies
Offers hosting of ground stations, edge-based satellite communication and virtual ground segment solutions by closing the gap between data centers and ground station services, a platform for big data handling, mission critical satellite operations and hosting of customers antenna systems. Together with the collaboration partner, EcoDataCenter, Arctic Space generates optimal, highly secured, reliable, and sustainable services 24/7, 365 days a year, Guaranteed! The operations are fully carbon dioxide free, powered by wind and water leaving no environmental footprint for satellite data handling. Arctic Space holds extensive knowledge and experience within senior management, aerospace, and the international space arena.

Bradford ECAPS
ECAPS is a Bradford Space subsidiary and a world leading manufacturer of non-toxic propulsion systems and rocket engines for satellites. These market reference so called green HPGP® thrusters provides a significantly safer alternative to conventional toxic propulsion systems. ECAPS serves a worldwide customer base, consisting of commercial & institutional customers as well as and government agencies. These High-Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP®) thrusters as well as their accompanying LMP-103S green propellant are entirely made in Sweden by ECAPS’ a highly skilled staff and in their top-notch facilities.