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A journey to the North

The wideness of the North has always influenced the people roaming the snow covered lands of Scandinavia. Sweden, the land of the rivers, has a long history of wanderers. Hunters and fishers looking for new lands, plonging through the snow under the spectacular polar nights.  Scanning the endless horizons of mountains, forests and lakes providing food and shelter. Even when settling down, the people always kept an eye into the distance. Scanning. Looking. Searching.

In ancient Nordic language, the word LÍta means to scout. To observe and to search, and to always keep that eye looking into the cold distance. Today, in modern Swedish the word means “trust”. Maybe because their ancestors learned to finally trust the endless lands that so reliably kept providing food, water and shelter to the ancient Nordics.

In modern day, we also observe. Everything from the dark polar regions, to the crowded, busy cities and the wild jungles of Africa. Satellites are roaming the black sky. Observing. Searching. Just like the ancient Nordics did generations ago.

Today, their legacy of trust lives on through us.

Welcome to observe. Welcome to trust. Welcome to Arctic Space.

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